Soil StablizationOhio Soil Grouting & Stabilization Solutions

Unstable soil can affect highways, structural foundations, and bridges, as well as municipal and civil sites.  Issues, both man-made and naturally occurring, can cause environmental damage and bring construction to a halt.  Soil rehabilitation can be costly, and require large amounts labor and equipment.

T. Luckey can respond quickly and effectively to soil stabilization needs.  These solutions densify and stabilize supporting soils and can be implemented for existing structures, pre-construction and even ongoing sites.

Soil StabilizationChemical Soil Stabilization Grouting

Through chemical grouting, loose soil can be treated to increase in density and strength, reduced permeability for water cut-off, excavation earth support, foundation excavation support and tunneling stabilization and repair.  T. Luckey provides non-disruptive, cost-effective solutions for soil stabilization.  This specialized process of injecting polyurethane grout  has a proven performance record superior to traditional repair methods; not requiring large access areas or conventional repair methods that require long delays and expensive equipment and labor.