Geotechnical Engineers

geotechnical engineersEach project has unique needs that require experience geotechnical specialists.  T. Luckey offers years of soil remediation experience to fit the requirements of your most challenging jobs.  Nearly all construction sites will require the support of soil or rock and T. Luckey has the knowledge to oversee and implement solutions with excellent results.  Working alongside Geotech Engineers, T. Luckey can produce positive outcomes, with a proven record of experience.

These are just a few of the services that any Geotechnical Engineer can take advantage of with our proven systems.

The combined efforts of Geotechnical Engineers and T. Luckey can confidently satisfy client needs with reliable standards, especially in the most challenging and critical situations.

Need help with a geotechnical challenge?  Contact T. Luckey at 513-353-2544 or call our 24-hour emergency response line at 513-309-9244.