Excavation-Free Methods

excavation free methodsUnlike traditional geotechnical excavation options, T. Luckey subsurface techniques for soil densification, stabilization and sealing techniques avoid costly excavation of your property and limit interruptions to your business.  Excavation processes can reduce structural integrity, often making our methods the quickest and most effective geotechnical solutions in the industry.

Advantages of our Excavation-Free Methods:

  • Reduce costs up to 75%
  • Save significant time solving geotechnical problems
  • Limit work disruptions
  • Improve reliability and safety

By injecting high-density, expanding chemical grouting through ½” to ¾” holes, we can fill, densify, and stabilize earth to depths exceeding 30 feet.  Multiple injections at various depths can build vertical support and/or grid patterns that maximize support.   Working as a cement grouting contractor, T. Luckey also uses piering and anchoring to implement structural repairs without excavation.