Foundation Underpinning & Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Underpinning

T. Luckey provides push (resistance) and helix steel piers for foundation underpinning, crack repair and other structural stabilization and lifting services. We also provide structural concrete repairs including epoxy injection, carbon fiber composite and other restoration services. Foundations constructed of poured concrete, concrete block, or stone often experience settlement/movement related cracking and gaps. Along with our push and/or helix piering foundation stabilization processes, we provide our services for restoring structural integrity of foundation cracks, leak sealing, and cosmetic restoration.

We also provide our specialized process of precision expansive chemical membrane grouting to seal foundations and basement floors against excessive water leaks with little or no disruption to landscaping. This process is particularly effective for leak sealing stone or rock foundation walls.

Typical Applications

  • Foundation Crack RepairConcrete building foundation crack repairs
  • Steel underpinning
  • Multi-story concrete parking structures joint/crack repair
  • New construction piers
  • Building columns, beams and other structural restoration  
  • Push-resistance piers
  • Wall anchors - bowing walls
  • Foundation lifting
  • Industrial base leveling applications
  • Structural epoxy injection