Industrial Floor Repairs

Concrete floor maintenance is crucial for industrial and commercial facilities. Damaged, deteriorating, and/or unstable concrete can disrupt daily operations and develop into issues concerning both employees and products. Products being transferred and/or stored on unstable slabs-on-grade and elevated structural slabs can lead to costly product damage, equipment damage and injured employees. Typically deflection from curled deflection/rocking floor joints or other situations leading to subbase support voids if not properly addressed lead to extensive floor damage and greater repair cost. 

We have proven concrete floor leveling/repair solutions that can typically be performed with little or no disruption to your business. Since 1972 we have researched, developed and employed procedures and combinations of materials that provide cost effective and proven repairs.

Industrial Concrete Floor Repair & Maintenance
T. Luckey is fully staffed and equipped with the latest in materials and methods providing options to perform all aspects of concrete floor leveling, repairs, stabilization and maintenance including:

  • Slab Lifting/ Stabilization
  • Specialty Toppings Installed
  • Void Filling
  • Slab Undersealing
  • Architectural Terrazzo Floor Installation
  • Crack /Joint Repair
  • Curled Slab Restoration
  • Structural Slab-Composite Reinforcement
  • Slab Void Filling
  • Concrete Grinding & Polishing
  • Sub-Slab Soil Densification
  • Membrane Sealing-Leak Cutoff
  • Under-Slab Utility Sealing without excavation
  • Architectural Floor Restoration
  • Specialty Coatings Installed