Slab Jacking and Lifting in Ohio

Roadway & Concrete 

Concrete Slab JackingConcrete lifting provides a cost effective and time saving alternative to concrete replacement.  Technicians can underseal, fill voids and lift concrete roadway and bridge approach slabs back to original elevations providing a confident support that’s operational within minutes.

As expert slab jacking contractors, T. Luckey has extensive experience in the soil stabilization grouting industry, has perfected the combination of methods and materials to best perform the needed repairs. Our approach begins with understanding and repairing the underlying conditions that caused the settlement and/or unstable supporting base. Once the concrete lifting is completed, the slab or structure is lifted back to original grade and ready for immediate use.

Benefits of Concrete Slab Jacking: Expansive Chemical Grouting
  • Expansive chemical grouting
  • Takes little time
  • Has an installed weight of less than 10-pounds per cubic foot as compared to cement grout with an average weight of 130 pounds per cubic foot. This extreme weight advantage that polyurethane grout has over cement grout virtually eliminates the chances of future settlement due to excess weight of the in-place grout materials.
  • Cost effective
  • Little or no disruption to landscaping
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Take advantage of pre-invested dollars   
  • Performed in virtually any weather
  • Little, if any, disruption to service area
  • Concrete returned to original grade
  • No messy tear-out replacement
  • Small 3/8” injection hole size compared with 2.5’ injection holes for cement grouting methods.