Mining/Oil & Gas Operators

mine quarry water controlGroundwater leaks and geological changes can shut down your mining, drilling or refining operations costing tens of thousands of dollars per day.  That’s why T. Luckey offers a superior alternative to tradition excavation for groundwater control and soil stabilization—to get your operation up and running much faster and at a fraction of the cost.

Our OSHA/MSHA-certified experts use an advanced deep chemical grouting injection technique to cut off groundwater leak, repair sinkholes and make ground improvements without excavation.  T. Luckey has used this process successfully to help mining, oil and gas operations restore production and avert potential contamination of sites, avoiding costly fines and liabilities.

Our Excavation-Free Solutions are used for:

  • Mine/quarry water control and leak repair (View success story)
  • Tank underpinning, leveling and seepage control
  • Pipeline stabilization and leak repair
  • Sealing of drilling and fracking sites

Having a problem in your mining, oil/gas operation?  Contact T. Luckey at 513-353-2544 or call our 24-hour emergency response line at 513-309-9244.